About US

Our journey started a few years back when Carly - our resident nutty professor -  set out to create the most delicious ice cream in the land.

Long had she dreamed about creating her very own fresh ice cream, packed with fresh ingredients and free from artificial preservatives and added fats . And so…armed with a shiny new cookery diploma, Carly chopped, churned and chilled small batches of ice cream in her secret laboratory.  

When all the flavours were perfected, The Cowlick Creamery was born and the rest is ice cream history!

Carly and her small team of ice cream experts love to work with talented chefs, cooks and retailers to create the perfect ice creams and sorbets to any desert menu. 

When she's not working with fine eateries, Carly and her team can be found at weddings, events and festivals around the country.


Our ethos

Our philosophy is simple: We use only the freshest ingredients to make the most delicious ice cream. All of our flavours are made from scratch by real people, with creative minds and an obsession for quality produce.  

What we do put in is just as important as what we don't. We never use ready-made ice-cream mix or hydrogenated oils in our products.

We will provide you with the freshest, most delicious ice cream for your special event. And even better - it's hand-made by us!

The result? A super premium ice cream which is dense and richly flavoured - just the way it should be.


The dream team behind the ice cream

Carly - The nutty professor.

Obsessive ice cream creator, lover of all things chocolate and qualified cook. Carly is always on the lookout for new flavour concoctions. 

Rory - Chief taster 

Ice cream addict, guitar player and professional athlete. Rory hails from the land down-under, where they call ice lollies 'ice blocks' and where everything is "Choice as, aye bro!" (That's bang tidy to you and I…)

Our events team

Jodi and Jada are our wonderful events team. Fully trained in food hygiene practices, they work hard to ensure that your event is one to remember!


The Legal stuff

We want you to feel confident about our products and services and so we have put into place comprehensive Public Liability and Product liability insurance.

All of our serving staff have achieved a minimum of Level 2 Food Hygiene.

Furthermore, we hold a Food Hygiene of 5.